List of landscaping services:                 

Landscape installation and landscape management including:

  • Site clearing.
  • Excavation and removal of unwanted excavated material.
  • Grading and leveling.
  • Supply and filling soil mix.
  • Planting of matured palm trees and other ornamental trees suitable forMiddle East climate.
  • Transplanting of matured trees.
  • Installation of lawn by seeding, sprigs or by using carpet grass.
  • Planting of shrubs, ground covers, seasonal flowering plants, etc.
  • Installation of football pitch.
  • Maintenance of landscape works and grass area including watering, cleaning of landscape area, timely application of chemical and organic fertilizers, mulching, application of pesticides, fungicides and “herbicides”. When required, we also provide hedge trimming, pruning, periodical cleaning of palm trees and removal of dried fronds, scarifying and mowing of grass areas.
  • Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of manually operated or fully automatic irrigation system using most modern technology and irrigation equipment including selection and installation of irrigation pumps, and construction of a pump house.
  • Hard landscape works such as walkways, laying of interlock tiles, installation of outdoor garden furniture, installation of wooden Pergolas as well as wooden or concrete benches etc.